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Effective demand generation, proactive demand management, accurate demand forecasting and optimal rent setting strategies are fundamental to revenue growth for multifamily housing stakeholders. Rainmaker addresses these high value problems with sophisticated data and analytics solutions for revenue management, leasing performance management and internet listing services (ILS). With the most diverse experience in the multifamily housing market Rainmaker applies extensive knowledge and technical expertise to data sciences for comprehensive solutions and unparalleled service that delivers proven results and exceptional value.

Our expectations were exceeded within five months of using Rainmaker LRO revenue management. I am amazed at how the system reacts to occupancy, rental rates and traffic. This system is far beyond what we could do on our own.

ERIN KHAMIS Director of Marketing & Training, CORE Realty Holdings Management, Inc.

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Unrivaled science. Made simple.

Rainmaker LRO (Lease Rent Options) is the leading revenue management solution for the multifamily industry. LRO combines the operational insight of each multifamily owner/operator with the forecasting and optimization capabilities of LRO, pricing more than one million units in North America – both new leases and renewals – consistently delivering above-market revenue growth.

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Leasing Effectiveness. At your fingertips.

Rainmaker ILM (Intelligent Lead Management) is the product formerly known as SlopeJet, which was acquired by Rainmaker in 2015. ILM helps property managers see and manage leasing performance in ways never before possible. ILM’s intuitive dashboard and powerful lead management solution are the gateway to a smart, robust and affordable solution that enables users to quickly spot opportunities or issues and act on them.

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Your portfolio's performance. On one screen.

Rainmaker LRI (Lease Revenue Intelligence) is a web-based business intelligence solution that combines data from key systems to generate actionable insights and accelerate revenue. LRI gives asset managers, owners and property management a detailed view of leading and lagging revenue-orientated data for their entire portfolio, regardless of the property management system.

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Comprehensive Market Data. In real time.

rainmaker insights maintains the most comprehensive rental market intelligence data in the industry, covering the entire United States with near real-time data that can be provided in its raw form and as customizable reports. rainmaker insights gathers data from over 12,000 property management and owner websites on a nightly basis to provide more real-time data than any other provider.

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Performance benchmarking. Standardized.

The Multifamily Data Exchange (MDX) is the platform through which multifamily owners, operators and stakeholders exchange historical performance information. MDX gathers historical performance data directly from the Property Management Systems (PMSs) of a growing population of multifamily communities. Participating properties receive reports that benchmark their actual revenue performance against sub-market comps.

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Qualified leads. Performance-only pricing.

With over 3 million monthly user sessions, Rainmaker’s Rent Jungle Internet Listing Service (ILS) generates thousands of qualified leads for apartment owners and operators every month. Bringing together listings from more than 12,000 websites, Rent Jungle’s pricing is 100% performance-based – meaning customers pay only for unique leads delivered to their property. No setup fees, no long-term contract commitments.

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February 27, 2018
Multifamily Housing

Renewal Pricing: Why Insight Trumps Renewal Caps

This final installment of our blog “Multifamily Renewals 2.0”series discusses how analytics provide a better way to set renewal prices than arbitrary caps and why a revamped..

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February 20, 2018
Multifamily Housing

How to Improve Renewals Pricing. Permanently.

So far in our blog series on improving renewals pricing, we have discussed the changing market conditions that cast a new light on renewals. We have explored how renewals..

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