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revintel is revenue optimization-focused business intelligence that gathers all the information that matters to revenue management decisions and places it at your fingertips.


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Detailed Revenue Analysis Across the Portfolio

revintel combines data from disparate systems to accelerate hotel revenue growth:

  • Spend time on analysis and strategy instead of acquiring data
  • Make quick adjustments without assembling and presenting data in revenue meetings
  • Use data customized to your business model with only information relevant to you and your property

Better and Faster Decisions

Comprehensive and flexible reports and analytics help make critical, timely decisions:

  • Uncover trends and opportunities for the property, brand or portfolio
  • Identify and define areas of underperformance across multiple metrics such as rate code, channel, market segment and room type
  • Monitor campaign performance and adjust course as necessary

Information When and How You Want It

revintel presents every stakeholder with what they’re looking for, from standard reports to custom analytics:

  • Act on user-friendly reports based on unique business needs on or off your property
  • Capture, consolidate and validate market segment data with customizable hierarchies for market segments, channels, room types, time periods, etc.
  • Go beyond the “what” and drill down into the “why” behind sales and revenue numbers
Christopher Friday, Mohegan Sun

“It is extremely valuable to us to have one comprehensive platform pulling data company-wide so that we can have a consistent, single source of truth for each property..."

Kathleen Cullen Senior Vice President of Revenue and Distribution, Two Roads Hospitality

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