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Powerful Metrics in an Intuitive Interface

guestrev and grouprev put comprehensive analysis at your fingertips:

  • Provide users with insight into how the system arrived at its decisions across a smooth user experience
  • Align sales and marketing efforts and track effectiveness for transient and group business
  • Detect unexpected events or anomalous patterns missed by human analysis

Total Guest Value Revenue Management

guestrev optimizes room rates to reflect guest’s spend across your entire property—not just one room:

  • Lift revenues an average of 5-10% by accounting for guest activity across your property: Room, gaming, entertainment, F&B, spa, retail, etc.
  • Forecast demand with models based on seasonality, property history, events, and your promotions
  • Ensure availability for your most valuable guests with demand for each segment

Strategic Group Business Pricing

grouprev maximizes group business potential by driving conversions and increasing revenues:

  • Move beyond Minimum Acceptable Rates (MARs) with unique and tailored pricing
  • Separate high-value leads and focus time where it counts
  • Optimize utilization of all your property’s space including banquet halls and conference rooms
Christopher Friday, Mohegan Sun

“Mohegan Sun views the Rainmaker project as a resounding success, both in terms of meeting an aggressive timeline for start-up and its demonstrated value to our organization.”

Christopher Friday Senior Vice President of Information Systems and Chief Information Officer, Mohegan Sun

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